Too often I see it, “Social Media Manager Needed To Drive Sales.”


Don’t get me wrong, a good Social Media Marketer will inadvertently bring sales to your brand, but the sole purpose of having a strong Social Media presence online isn’t to sell your product. It’s to bring awareness to your brand. I’ll say it again for the people in the back, Social Media Managers are not Sales people.



Businesses who think hiring a Social Media Expert will immediately drive in the big bucks should rethink their strategy. Many businesses go into it thinking they’ll be making money hand over fists within the first week of having someone run their Social Media accounts. This just isn’t the case.

Building a brand online takes time, patience, money, and loads of knowledgeable experience. 


Instant gratification is a huge deal so it’s not shocking that you’d want it for your business. But while you’re coveting the big bucks, so is every other business owner out there. Understanding the difference between Marketing and Sales is essential to any business owner.


As I’ve mentioned previously, a good Social Media Marketer WILL bring in sales, but it isn’t the ultimate goal of the Marketer to essentially run your business. The goal of the Social Media Marketer is to engage and attract people to your brand. In fact, the literal definition of “marketer” is – “a person or company that advertises or promotes something”.


Marketing can be totally enjoyable for creative minded people. A good marketer will utilize their imagination and tap into new and innovative ways to promote your  brand. Expecting a marketer to also be a sales person is an assumption a lot of business owners have. I’m here to tell you, you need a marketer AND a sales person.


Social Media is indeed a smart, cost efficient, and great tool to get new eyes on your brand but it was never intended to be a sales tool. Sure, you can create landing pages, sales funnels, and other ways to creatively sell your product, but the point is to get your client to those pages via Social Media. Once that happens, it is now up to the Sales Team to close the deal. It’s a great system that works beautifully for all parties involved.



Social Media is just that, social platforms to engage other users, build trust, relate with your target audience, and create a strong community around your brand. If you are a business owner who depends on your Social Media Marketer to do your selling, I recommend rethinking your strategy. Once you truly understand the difference and allow your sales team to do the selling, you’ll be well on your way to success within your business.

Do YOU think Social Media Marketers should also be Sales people?

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