Like many others I’d heard of “Bitcoin” a number of times before I decided to finally sit down and Google it. Well, what I found was a decentralized digital currency on top of a revolutionary technology.

Quite honestly, after spending 10 years in the corporate banking world (hating what they stood for, hating myself for contributing to the Big Bank) I was completely tickled there was this technology that really “stuck it to The Man” in terms of being decentralized and private. That was it, I was hooked!

I immediately started obsessively researching “How To Buy Bitcoin” and while BTC, LTC, and ETH are amazing projects in their own right;


I found myself leaning more towards Altcoins.




That’s when I stumbled across New York Coin.

I joined the NYCoin Discord channel and really got to understand the technology on a level I hadn’t before. I contribute this to the willingness of the DEV team, taking their time to explain and answer all of my questions. Before I knew it, I was using my experience in Social Media to help spread the word about New York Coin!


Since then I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with a handful of other crypto related projects. Utilizing my marketing skills and talents with Social Media as a means to further this amazing technology.

Admittedly, I tried teaching myself Python in order to work on blockchains but alas my attention span and dyslexia were too hard of an obstacle to overcome as I was ready to jump head first into this decentralized existence, and jumped in I have.

Do you work in the cryptocurrency or blockchain field?

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